Saturday, March 2, 2013

How can Solar Power be FREE?

How can solar Power be free?  Well, the sun is your heating, right?
Well, the guest on the show is Brian from Clean Currents and bring your questions!
Solar hot water heaters are they less expensive?  Are there local or Federal programs to help pay for your solar energy?  
My Guest is  Brian from

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Real Estate and Taxes is Today's Topic!

Real Estate and Taxes is Today's Topic!  It is that time of year again....TAX TIME.   Real Estate and Taxes go hand and hand.  There are numerous deductions for real estate properties.  Is your property an investment property?  Do you know the tax advantages of a 1O31 exchange?
The guest on the show is Lou Hutt.  Lou is a tax attorney and a CPA and an Author. 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

MISTAKES that Sellers make when trying to sell their HOUSE!

What are the MISTAKES that Sellers make when trying to sell their HOUSE?  Listen in to the show and hear all about these mistakes!  This knowledge could save you time and MONEY!  Pitfalls, mistakes and just plain stubbordness cost the seller money.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

First time home buyers

First Time Home Buyers!  You are a powerful force in the real estate market!  So, get the information that will allow you to make good decisions when buying real estate. Tune in today!
How do you choose your realtor, How do you choose your lender, How do you choose your Home Inspector, How do you choose your real estate attorney?  TUNE IN!!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Divorce and Real Estate, oh my!

When a couple decides to divorce and they own a house of several homes, WHAT HAPPENS?  This radio show explains the process of how real estate is handled when a couple is divorcing.  There is the time when a property has equity in it and there is a divorce.  Thus, each party to the divorce could get part of the equity of the property.  However, what happens when there is a divorce and the property is upside down.  Thus, this becomes a short sale.  This is when real estate becomes complicated.  My guest would be an attorney who understands short sales and divorce:
Michelle J. Adams, Esq.
Managing Attorney
Law Offices of Jill P. Michaels
9 N. Adams Street
Rockville, MD 20850
(240) 425-0008 (O)
(202) 441-9960 (M)
(866) 484-3001 (F)

What are your Real Estate Goals for 2013?

What are your Real Estate Goals for 2013?
 Do you want to buy your first home?  Do you want to buy your first real estate investment property?  What investment strategy would you like to use to purchase real estate?  You could decided to use short sale, foreclosures, tax liens, or REO properties to be the strategy for how purchase your next property in 2013.   Each strategy needs a plan and you need to set goals.  These goals need to be measurable, thus, be specific with your goals.
Also, what are your legal and tax strategy for each property.  +Lou Hutt is a tax specialist.  Lou is a tax attorney and a CPA and my guest on the Reality of Real Estate with Jennifer Hammond. You can visit for more details on taxes and tax and legal strategies for buying your next real estate property! 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Banking Bad

IS IT POSSIBLE TO GET A LOAN MODIFICATION THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA?  Listen to one man's experience, Dee, he is the developer of  the video Banking Bad on You Tube and he is our guest! Bloomberg has reported on Banking Bad and MSN Real Estate has reported on this issue and he is our guest Dec 15, 2012!
Go to you tube and look at the video Banking Bad and watch when a bank asked for a DEATH CERTIFICATE for a loan modification.  No one was dead!!  How terrible! What is happening in our banking industry that somehow this is acceptable behavior?